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Playback stops after 5 mins. without any error

Jakub Klos

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I don't consider myself as a newbie as I have been using DVBViewer for the last 10 years. Currently it runs in a virtual machine on VBox (along with the recording service) and is integrated with my Linux machine using Kodi. Anyway, when I run the latest DVBViewer 5.6.4 alls runs well but after 5 mins. the playback stops and the status bar displays "No Playback".


I didn't find any option for this behavior nor I understand why it is doing so. When using Kodi and the recording service all runs well of course. It is only the desktop version which stops the playback automatically. I need to click the channel again and it starts playing without any problems.

Must be some setting but I cannot find it nor find it logical :).

I don't use the UI to watch the TV but I need it because of the EMM keys. So it runs every day for 15 mins on a special channel (but currently it stops after 5 mins.)


Any ideas?

Thank you


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