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Can't scroll through popup channel list without focus on DVBV wind

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I have a small but annoying issue with the DVBViewer latest version and I wonder if it can be reproduced in other systems and maybe correct somehow. When the video is played in a small window ("always on top" enabled) I can adjust volume simply by placing the mouse cursor over this window and use mouse wheel. No need to click the window to give it focus.


But for an unknown reason I can't do this for scrolling through the channels in popup channel list (left sided in my case). The popup list is triggered correctly when the cursor is near the left edge of the window (once again no focus needed) but scrolling is not working.

I have to put focus on DVBViewer window first by clicking on it. And only then scrolling through channels work.


To sum up I can volume up or down without focusing the window but I have to focus it to scroll through channels in popup channel list.


Small but quite annoying I have to say.

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That's a known issue. You are using Windows 10, right? Previous Windows versions did not support mouse wheel scrolling without focus. It required add-ons and stuff...


I guess the reason is the Virtual Treeview component that prefers to organise its own scrolling instead of adhering to Windows habits. That means, it's outside the code that we have written - up to now I have no idea how to fix it.


And to be true: I don't have this problem because I'm still using Windows 7 quite happily :)

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The thing is I'm on Win7 (64bit) with WizMouse Portable for mousewheel over window support.

And your comment inspired me to dig through WizMouse's settings and I think I've found appropriate radio button for the thing: "Enable mouse wheel for applications without mouse wheel support"

And now the list is scrolling without focusing. Perfect. Thanks! :)

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