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"NO Playback"

Vincenzo Giostra

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Vincenzo Giostra
use DVBViewer pro with Skystar HD 2 Express and since yesterday does not work anymore. It tells me "No Playback". the driver is installed well and does not give me no conflicts, but I don't see anything. the OS I use is Windows 10
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Try deleting the device in DVBViewer then Scan again.

Options -> Hardware Scan devices


If that does not work look in device manager, uninstall and re-install device

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If this has worked before reinstall the sw. Have you checked for any malware?

my DVBViewer has been working with no issues

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Start the DVBViewer via start menu > DVBViewer > DVBViewer Pro (Debug Mode) and tray to run a channel scan.

Are new channels detected? If yes are the new channels working?


If not generat a new support.zip and post it here. It will contain more informations.

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It the DVBViewer tries to communicate the driver "TechniSat BDA Digital Tuner (2)" (Skystar HD 2 Express) doesn't respond. So it's most likely a hardware or TV card driver problem. TechniSat drivers never worked very well under Windows 10.


If the advice from fxv1 in the second post doesn't help.  I have no idea, but if there was no OS update a hardware defect is more likely.

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might be worth putting it into a different slot on the mobo if you have a spare slot. 

But as Tjod said it probably is a hardware failure.

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I am having exactly the same problem. DVBViewer working fine one day, then "No Playback" error the next (problem started about 2 weeks ago). In the "Playback" menu, "Playback Off" is checked and greyed out. 

Win 10 x64

TT-connect S2-3600

DVBViewer 6.0.2

In "Settings - Options - Hardware" the tuner is shown correctly. Have tried deleting, rescanning, etc.

I have tried a second TT tuner (I have two), have tried a different USB cable, a different USB port; all to no avail.

I have installed, deinstalled, reinstalled the DVBViewer, the HW in device manager, the drivers.  No effect.

The only changes made to my system lately have been routine Microsoft updates and routine NVIDIA driver updates.


I have computer hardware experience going back to 1982, and have tried everything I can think of, short of reinstalling the OS. Anybody have any ideas?



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OS:           Windows 10x64
OS Build:     1703-15063


Creators Update, right? There are many reports in the German forum reporting similar trouble after the Destroyers Update (that's how I call it). Special logging revealed that the BDA sub-system had been damaged somehow, requiring a Windows 10 repair installation.


Dunno if this applies in your case, but you can check it by performing the following steps:

  1. Download the TransEdit test version that I've attached here. It is a limited version, but it is able to scan for channels (the full version is available in the download area).
  2. Store TransEdit_Test.exe in the DVBViewer installation folder (where DVBViewer.exe is).
  3. Launch TransEdit_Test.exe, go to Settings -> Hardware and click Detect Devices.
  4. Select an appropriate transponder list on the left side of the main window and a frequency on the right side.
  5. Click Scan. What happens? Any error message?
  6. Close TransEdit
  7. After that there should be a file TransEdit_Test.txt in the DVBViewer configuration folder. Attach it here.
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Thanks for your quick response!

Yes, I do have the Destructors Update - and the problems with DVBViewer began at about the same time it was installed :-(

At step 5 above, the error message "Initializing the DVB device has failed" appears.


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These are the well known symptoms:


00:25:16.229 Tuner filter found: USB 2.0 BDA DVB-S Tuner
00:25:16.229 Add and connect: USB 2.0 BDA DVB-S Tuner
00:25:16.229 ConnectDirect: USB 2.0 BDA DVB-S Tuner
00:25:16.230 ConnectDirect failed, remove filter
00:25:16.230 Failed to add and connect the tuner filter


Looks like there is no way around a Windows 10 repair install. Otherwise BDA devices cannot be used anymore, no matter which device by which software.


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