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problem vew and record toosheh chanal in DVBViewer


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I use DVBViewer for vew chanal with dvb card.

My card is prof 7301.

a channal in yahsat 52.5 with name "toosheh"

when we record this channal via other receiver we can decode this file with a program and get some file like music or...

but with DVBViewer recording file is very small and don't work.

for more information visit


please help me how can record this channel via dvb vewer.


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    • Sat-Eule
      By Sat-Eule
      Hallo ihr,
      ich bin verwundert, dass die Suche im Forum nach VPS oder PDC nichts ergibt. Die öffentlich-rechtlichen senden ja ein solches Signal aus. Meine Dreambox vearbeitet es. im DVBViewer fand ich dazu aber keine Hinweise.
      Gibt es hierzu ein plugin, oder?
      Viele Grüße, Sat-Eule
    • SvenTorsten
      By SvenTorsten
      habe gerade DVBViewer und MediaServer auf 6.1.5/ 2.1.5 aktualisiert und dann versucht, einen Timer für Sonntag, 28.07.2019 9:30 (mit Wiederholung Sonntags) zu erstellen (Bild "Timer erstellt.jpg").
      Nach dem Speichern erscheint der Timer unter Samstag, 27.07.2019 9:30 mit Wiederholung Samstags, sowohl in der Liste (Bild "Timer gespeichert.jpg") als auch beim Öffnen zum Bearbeiten. Mehrfach probiert, absolut reproduzierbar.
      Bitte prüft das mal. Danke!
      Viele Grüße

    • allanlee
      By allanlee
      Encountered a strannge problem with missing AC3 audio stream:
      The channels have 2 audio streams (AC3 5.1 and MPA 2.0), but after a scan using TransEdit, the AC3 streams are missing, only MPA recognized.
      However, if I manually edit the channel list in DVBViewer, i.e. duplicate the channel then change the audio PID and codec ("my dirty fix"), it could be recognized and playback & record without any problem.
      Suspect it could be the broadcaster's fault - these "buggy" AC3 streams shown as "Private PES" in TransEdit before recording; after "my dirty fix" they show as AC3 in TransEdit but cannot be recognized by VideoRedo or TSDoctor. TMPGEnc seems to be the only software can correct these streams.
      Initially I thought it was the same as this issue, but seems not the case. The plugin or fixer did not help. I checked the PES start code - it's the correct 00 00 01 BD, not sure what's wrong this time.
      Here's a transponder dump using TE, and a sample of recorded file (using Media Server) after "my dirty fix" to the channel list.
      Question - is there a way to
      1. recognized the AC3 audio during scan?
      2. fix the ts file "real time" when recording?
      3. fix the recorded ts files?
      Thanks very much in advance!
    • pastimer2
      By pastimer2
      I have made two RTSP devices pointing to slot1 and slot2 of the same sat>ip device.
      Slot 1 (RF connector 1) is ponting to astra 28.2 channel group A, slot 2 (RF connector 2) to astra 19.1, channel group B.
      I can scan astra 19.1 and it does that fast and correct.
      However, when I try to play one of these channels the sat>ip device tries to play it from RF connector 1 .....
      As a relative newby, if I need to provide a log, please guide me a bit to do so please.
    • gleddamax
      By gleddamax
      Hallo zusammen,
      gibt es eine Möglichkeit mitgesendete Titelinformationen bei Radiostreams übers Internet, diese auch bei Aufnahmen über mehrere Titel hinaus alle automatisch zu speichern? So wird nur für das erste Lied die Informationen in der EPG-Datei abgespeichert (DVBV/DMS). Oder muss man hinterher bzw. währenddessen immer manuell alles aus dem EPG kopieren?
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