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problem with encrypted channels


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I have two PC's.

One is the one I use normally, the other is a spare you could say, it has not been used for a very long time, but a week ago I turned it on and realized it didn't work....
not a 100 % true statement- free to air works, encrypted channels not...

When I tune to encrypted channels : dvb source Video state is enabled, but audio not enabled.


I have tried with two card readers and two different Common Interfaces.  The tuner is TT S2-3200 with cardreader ( of course..)

I have also tried to change all video and audio settings I could think of, and I have set up DVBViewer ( after a reinstallation) to run without Recording Service

The result is the same: free to air works perfect, and encrypted don't work.

The encryption card works on the other PC I have with no problems. 


so.. the Canal digital card works

The card reader works, I actually bought a new be course I thought it was broken

I have two working Common Interfaces, both works

TT-S2-3200 I guess is also working, otherwise I could not watch free to air channels


so... are there any super intelligent brains out there that can figure it out before I loose my mind ..and ends up without a spare PC... (I have a very big hammer...)


I have attached a screen shot of dvb sourse

dvb sdource.jpg


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