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Timer name generation

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Changelog for Recording Service 1.9.2: "Change: Timer: The timer names are now generated from the EPG title + the first 50 chars of the EPG event."


That is apparently still the case, right? (Although to me it seems that it actually is generated from the EPG event + the first 50 chars of the EPG title at least in the last version of Recording Service -- I haven't yet upgraded to Media Server 2.0.)


The reason I ask is that it seems to cause issues when using "Deactivate auto-timers with the same" options to automatically disable duplicate timers.


When different episodes for a series have a title that is identical in the beginning (in the first 50 chars) but different in the end (after first 50 chars), Recording Service incorrectly disables timers for episodes that aren't yet recorded.


Is there a reason why timer length is limited in this way? Maybe you could consider at least adding an option in Media Server 2.0 to increase timer name length?

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