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black screen on some Freesat channels


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I have a Blackgold quad TV card (2 sat, 2 freeview). It has worked well for years until it lost everything - all channels black. Fixed that with latest drivers and an update to DVBViewer.

Then I lost Freeview - every channel. With no new software and re-installing clean making no difference I waited until I could try out a different Blackgold card (same hardware but an updated pcb).

The newer Blackgold card, as installed on a Core i5 worked on all channels and across Freeview and Freesat.

Update drivers from Blackgold and version 6.0.3 of DVBViewer and the newer pcb in the Core i7 Pc I got Freesat and Freeview. However only half the channels where found. I had several full range scans that got back the ones I expected.

However I still have problems with Freesat channels 5USA, 5Star, Film4, Channel 5m Channel 5HD and movie4men have no video or sound. There may be others. The green bar is over 60% on each.

Any suggestions to trace what is going on and fix this please.


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