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Skystar 2 eXpress HD hang cpu


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Hello. I have SKystar 2 express HD PCIE and I have same problem like @dvbrewer :http://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/53808-identifying-a-bugfault-with-DVBViewer-or-skystar-express/


When I watch tv in DVBViewer or play video file or even watch youtube my pc freeze, and only reset can fix problem.

Skystar driver: skynetNXPBDA AMD64 sys win Windows 7  x64 cause this problem and Proces SYSTEM kill my cpu.

I have the same problem after completly change my PC platform and I can't fix it.

I tried reinstall few versions of Windows 7 x64 but always problem came back after few hours.

Today I bought another  Skystar 2 express Hd card and It still the same problem. When I tested borrowed Skystar HD2 I don't have this issue becouse it use other driver (but this card can't scan dvb-s2 channels in DVBViewer)

I think it's a driver issue or some compatibility issue, or I don;t know....

Now i Have Core i7 2600k @ 4,2GHz,8GB RAM,MSI GTX760 TF4 Gaming OC, Asus P8z68deluxe and before I had  the same issue in my old PC : AMD Athlon II x4 640,8GB Ram,Asrock m3a770de,Radeon HD6870 and GTX660.

Can someone help me? If I will be not able to fix this problem I will buy a totally new DVB-S2 tuner like DVBSky s952 or other card from TBS.....


Sorry for my not perfect english.


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Same behaviour for me. It's driving me crazy.

At the beginning it was just a reboot every 2 hours, now it's every 15 minutes


I'm trying to find a compatible driver for a similar card, but no luck

I also tried to create a virtual machine inside Windows 10 (to make pci passthrough on a Windows 7 machine), but my MoBo doesn't allow VT-d.


Let's keep on trying.

Please, let us know if you find any workaround for this.



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