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I have a problem after paid .......

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I've bought a key but still didnt get a username and password paid over paypal.

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The mail is sent automatically by the server. Please make sure that it did not went into spam of your provider.

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Chitose Kyu

Hi ,  


I had bought DVBViewer before , and used it with no problem , then yesterday I had to install Win10 again due to hard disk problem , I lost the DVBViewer all data file , so I buy it again ........


i can get in the member section and download DVBViewer setup ( because I buy it long time ago and maybe google save my password ) . When I start installing DVBViewer ,  it ask me to fill in user name and password  , and key file is missing .......


how can I get my key file again ? I don’t get any email from DVBViewer after I paid online , thank you !


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Send a mail to bhackbart-at-cmuv.de and ask for a new one. Also keep in mind that we live in GMT which differs a bit with Asia. Sending is an automated process tho.

Many people forget that their Paypal account uses another mail address.

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Don't create multiple requests with the same question. I combined both requests to this one here.

Also check your spam mail.

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According to the log i see that you was able to download at 6am GMT which means you found the credentials ;)

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