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4K & UHD with HTPC


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I am using an HTPC & DVBViewer to watch broadcasting via satellites.

Today with the upcoming 4K & UHD channels, It seems to me that I must upgrade my HTPC.

I will glade to hear what is the PC specification in order to watch the 4K & UHD channels fluently ?




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34 minutes ago, Griga said:

Most important is a graphics card / chip that supports HEVC decoding (including 10 bit color depth). Otherwise it will even push a fast CPU to its limits.

Hello Griga,

So, what is your recommendation for a graphics card/chip card  ?

So it will be possible to run fluently with my present processor ( Q9550) and with a recommended graphics card  ?

Or I have to replace also the processor?



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Hello Nuts,


Please, can you be more specific - I mean what model of Nvidia with 4GB GPU-RAM you recommend?

Do you believe that I can keep my Q9550 processor?


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So I am going to replace the GPU, In order to be in the safe side, should I go with the GTX 1060 or even the GTX 1070 or it will over kill?

Thanks again.

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So, I purchased the GTX 1060 (just to be in the safe side) and after installing it in my Q9550 PC, the computer was not able to boot ….

Now I must upgrade the all PC, I am not going to use it for games, only to be able to watch fluently the UHD 4K channels.

My planes to go with:

CPU: I5 – 7500 

M.B.:Asus Prime Z270-K + 8 G Ram

And the GTX 1060.

I will appreciate to hear comments from experienced members if the above-mentioned configuration, is sufficient for fluent and smooth UHD 4K channels.

Does members watch the UHD 4K channels with HTPC ?


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Finally, the new GTX 1060 is working with the old Q9550 system.

The problem was a bad PCI-E power connector to GPU.

I can confirm that watching the UHD 4K channels is fluent and smooth with very low CPU consumption.

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