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DVBViewer can't find the Media Server any more

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My DVBViewer 6.1.1 can't find the media server any more.


The media server is on another PC. Windows Server. 


I suspect that a Windows Server update has caused it.


I had all the firewall port exceptions in place and they're all still there. Even if i try disabling the firewall on the server the DVBViewer client still can't find the media server.


The setup.xml on the client PC still has all the settings for the server in place, but it doesn't connect to it.


Running the media server wizard yields no results, no server to select and connect to.


Anybody have any ideas?!

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erik funck

I had the same issue ... 
I Know this is not a solution but try to turn the Firewall off and it will work! You might thought "oh I triede this without succsess " but
use for this only the Windows 10 Dialog /contolcenter/system/firewall 
and choose the both red options to turn the firewall off.


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Thanks - yes - I have the entire Firewall turned off but still no clients on other PCs can find it.


Client on the same PC finds it OK.


Firewall is DEFINITELY off.

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I removed Media Server and put RS back on and it detects it fine.


So this error is specific to Media Server.

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16 hours ago, Griga said:

Media Server 2.1.1 or 2.1.0?


EDIT - OK sorry - I even surprise myself at how stupid I can be at times.


There was an old abandoned, no longer used, MediaPortal TV Service that wasn't disabled.


My guess is it was grabbing the traffic on the RTSP ports and it was never getting to Media Server.


Now I've stopped the service (and set it to manual) everything is working OK, presumably because the traffic is no longer being grabbed by MediaPortal.


Thanks for the offers of help.


Hi Griga,




I created a support.zip before I removed it.


The systeminfo.txt says I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2 but it's picked that up incorrectly - it's Windows Server 2012 R2.


Don't take too much notice of the DVBViewer config as that server is only ever accessed via RDP and DVBViewer is only on there so that the service will install.






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