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Tuner busy in channel change


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Occasionally a problem occurs when I switch between dvb-s2 channels in Kodi DVBViewer Client. Kodi shows a warning on the screen like this: "PVR information." Channel could not be played. Check the log for more information."
If I check DVB Media Server I see that the only dvb-s2 tuner in my backend is kept busy even though no channel is playing at that moment. As if it had been caught on the first dvb-s2 channel that I tuned. In fact I can re-select it in Kodi and it continues playing. Even if you switch to an IPTV channel, the dvb-s2 tuner is still busy. Even if after stopping the playback in Kodi, in DVBViewer the problem continues, showing on the screen the message "channel switched by media server" and I can only play the channel that "hijacked" the tuner.

The only solution to "release" the tuner is to restart Kodi or DVB Media Server.




My support files:


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31 minutes ago, riviera said:

The only solution to "release" the tuner is to restart Kodi or DVB Media Server. 


Is a restart required or does closing (without restarting) already release the tuner?


Looks like something in Kodi is holding the connection. This can't be analyzed and handled here and should rather be posted in the DVBViewer Add-On section of the Kodi forum.

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