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Serbian Cyrillic and Croatian Language


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As far as my coverage zone is concerned, it is best to be in this topic.
Transponder list from 34.5°W to 70.5°E 
Scanned 12-13.02.2019.Supported modulation DVBS, DVBS2,16APSK, 32APSK
Express-AMU1 36 ° E used LNB Inverto Black Ultra modified to receive L / R polarization.


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On 8/14/2019 at 10:49 AM, milan58 said:

Updated language to version


Just a hint: Placeholders with % as first character in



edNameScheme.Hint=%year: year /n%date: sortable month-day/n%time: time /n%station: channel /n%event: programme title /n%title: sub-title (if present) /n%name: timer name /n%tshort: sub-title shortened to 80 chars. /n%m: month /n%d: day /n%h: hour /n%M: minute /n%g: genre (if specified) /n%D: day of the week (Mo, Tue etc) /n\ specifies sub-folders


(e.g. %year) must not be translated, because users have to insert them in English. Otherwise the filename scheme does not work as intended.


So it should be



edNameScheme.Hint=%year godina,...


Thanks anyway for your work! :)


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