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Trying to add a new usb tuner fails


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Been using DVBViewer for years with no hickups, having two dvb-c usb tuners attached to my pc. Friend of mine gave me a Hauppauge triplestick 292e and adding it to system seems impossible. When i plug it in, install drivers and search for new hardware in DVBViewer, my two existing cable tuners are suddenly marked as terrestrial. Changing them back to cable doesn't help, they just don't work. Removing devices from windows device manager and re-installing makes them work again. And then Hauppauge is suddenly marked as terrestrial. Using my old tuners and Hauppauge separately works fine but their co-existence doesn't.


Having googled around it's quite obvious that this is a driver issue. Any way to go around this issue?


Windows 10 pro 32-bit

2xReddo usb-c tuners BDA-drivers

DVBViewer Pro 6.1.2

Recording service

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