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Just wondering if there is a user guide to the Video Editor plugin?

I thought it would be easy to use but not as easy as I figured it would be....I had been using Windows Movie Maker.

cheers from Australia


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Hello auxtian,


for an english answer you have choosen the wrong order. You are in the german order for the video editor. You should better post there: https://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/forum/78-DVBViewer-video-editor/


At the moment an article is not yet available in the wiki. The basic usage is not soo difficult. Open file means to open a videofile from the normal windows file open window. Open database opens the videofile from the DVBViewer recording database. With the right flag you can mark the beginning of the part of the video that is to be exported and with the left the end of the range. You can right-click in the timeline to chance the scale. The greyed areas are not exported. Then click on export from the menu. To save the edited video click in the menu at save as. If it should be exported in an other codec (mpg or so on) choose from the drop down box under the filmename the codec you want the film recoded with.



Many greetings to downunder




P.S. Es wäre schön, wenn sich mal ein Poweruser dazu aufraffen könnte, im Wiki eine Anleitung zu schreiben.

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