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Media Server Tutorial or Wiki (English)


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I want to load the the following playlist in DVBViewer:


I can't seem to find a clear explanation of how to do this. I assume that I need the DVBV Media Server, but cannot find an english wiki or tutorial that explains step by step how to do this. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

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No Media Server needed. Simply drag & drop the playlist into the DVBViewer channel editor.


However, there are special commands appended to the contained URLs (after the pipe character |) for modifying the HTTP header that are tailored for Kodi. They don't work in DVBViewer. It has to be translated in the following way:




?addhdr=X-Forwarded-For:... %0D%0AUser-Agent:...%0D%0AReferer:...


Try search & replace with a text editor in the following order (!):

replace = by :

replace | by ?addhdr=

replace & by %0D%0A


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Thanks Griga. I don't quite understand. The link above is a web address, not a file, so do I make it into a file to drag it into channel editor ...  as it is just text. Please excuse my ignorance.

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Another question. I want to import the xml epg from the same source into DVBViewer. Currently using Xepg to import epg. My new streaming channels don't show up with the rest of my tuner channels in recording service (v., and don't show in Xepg, so I cannot pair with XML epg. I assume RS does not support streams. Will I need your Media Server to get EPG and record Streams?

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8 minutes ago, Kiwi_Tim said:

Will I need your Media Server to get EPG and record Streams?


Yes. Even worse,  the RS may delete the IPTV channels (belonging to the TS Stream reception type) from the channel list bcause it regards them as unknown objects.


For the TS Stream reception type you either need to use DVBViewer 6.x stand-alone or in combination with the Media Server.


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