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I can't get the joiner to work.

I've added a second .ts file to the joiner window, but it won't save a joined file.

I've already tried to open the second file in the video editor, as to create a .mlmix file, but this didn't work.

The second file is not appearing in the timeline, either, don't know if this is suppose to happen or not.


Am I missing something?

32-bit version.

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Turns out I was missing something, but in my defence: it seems a little illogical to me...


You have to put both files into the joiner, then click 'convert' and enter a filename.

And then nothing seems to happen, except for that it does join the two files in the location you specified.


So, for a better user experience:

- Either: after one has added files to "joiner...", show them back-to-back on the timeline, and allow the user to work with these file as if it were one large file;

- Or: rename the button 'convert' into 'join' (even 'merge'?) and show a pop-up (as happens with indexing and saving).

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