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I have bought the video editor add-on and understood this could automatically remove the commercials from my recoding by using comskip. I see however no option how to do this automatically without me interacting. 

Is there a manual available?


many thanks!


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Hi there is no manual yet. You should use either the batch manager. To do so add a tasks for comskip and trimming. You can also use the console application for processing tasks.

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We are now almost two years later and I still have no glue how this program is working.

It all looks very nice, but it just doens't work for me without help files, wiki or guidance how to get my recordings comskipped.


What I would like, is that  after a recordning finish, this program is creating the EDL file and cut the commercials from that recording without me having to act.

What is the use for creating a batchfile for every single recording?

(a little bit what MCE budy can do).


Please help!





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Andromeda is right. It is unacceptable to expect commercial software to go YEARS without documentation explaining to the customer how to use it.


If I knew that, I wouldn't buy it.

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I've made a quick and dirty (googlish) translation of my article in the german wiki: https://en.DVBViewer.tv/wiki/Video_Editor .


Every English speaking user is warmly invited to improve the translation.



Many greetings




P.S. I would be happy if a knowledgeable wiki author could explain to me how I could insert the images from the German article into the English one (am lliebsten in deutsch).


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