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Things to know when you plan to order DMS, Video Editor or the HbbTV Engine


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If you want to order an add-on, but your old email address that you have used for purchasing DVBViewer is no more valid, please proceed as follows:

  1. Use your new email address for ordering the add-on.
  2. If our license server cannot find it, it will automatically create a reply and ask you for your old email address.
  3.  Reply to it and inform us about  your old email address.
  4. We will update your account in our database by adding your new mail address. This is done manually and may take a few hours, depending on the time of day.
  5. We will send the credentials that are required for installing the add-on to your new address.

After that, all subsequent mails will be sent to your new address. However, for (re-)installing DVBViewer, you still need your old address as user name. Don't use your new address for it!



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