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Option to Download Transcoded Recording using the WebUI


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If I am traveling and I want to bring some recordings with me for viewing on flights etc., I have to transcode files with VidCoder and then download it to the phone. DVBViewer already has the option of sending a transcoded stream to the phone, but only as a live stream. It would be great to be able to download a compressed version of the recording to my phone with one click before I leave a WiFi area for viewing later. 


Currently, the Transcoded Stream section of the WebUI has two options: "Play in Browser" and "Other Player (m3u)". Would it be possible to add an option to download a transcoded stream to the device?





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The most important information is missing: Target OS? Target format?


And there is a more basic question that must be answered first: Can something be downloaded, that does not exist as file, but is created as stream on the fly? I've tried the following:

  •  Selected a recording, then in the Stream Setup window WebM as output format and Transcoded Stream -> Other Player (m3u).
  • Let Firefox download the m3u and copied the contained URL to the forum editor. It looked like this:

  • Highlighted and right-clicked it, let Firefox perform "save target as...". Firefox started to downlad a "stream.webm".
  • Waited until the download showed no more progress (it didn't finish in the usual way - from the browsers's point of view it was a never ending live stream) - it took as long as the recording duration (14 minutes), because the DMS performs a "real-time" transcoding.
  • Didn't cancel the download, because that would probably have deleted the file (?), but tried to play it with DVBViewer. That worked - the LAV Source Filter knew how to handle WebM and took over.
  • Canceled the download. Firefox couldn't delete the file, because it was used by DVBViewer.

So basically it works, but this approach doesn't look very promising to me... ;)


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  • 4 weeks later...

OS is Android and format is whatever works.


I was just floating the idea to see if it sparked something. Obviously not.


Maybe a variation on the 'Make MKV' might work.

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