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How is EPG saved?


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I use DVBViewer to record show and sometimes I cut the recordings with TSDoctor. I use an old release of it and I noticed a strange fact: the EPG is missing in the specific bar.
After importing in TSDoctor a very long recording I noticed that the EPG is not missing, but it's in a tiny spot at left on the bar. Moreover, the problem does not occur if I'm editing a short recording (with no EPG changes during the recording time), and the single program takes the whole bar. In short: if a recording has two or more programs in the timeline, TSDoctor (the old version I'm using) does not show them in the bar.
Searching in TSDoctor changelogs it seems after a certain version they "fixed" this problem, that only occurs with DVBViewer recording.
But this means DVBViewer store the EPG in a different way, or, the program edits the EPG before saving. Why DVBViewer does not save EPG "normally"?


Thank you!

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