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Freesat channels lost - clean install

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the LN unit on my dish failed. 
I tested out the Blackgold card / DVBViewer with another dish and also a Skybox and both worked with that.
I scanned using TransEdit which found nothing but might have corrupted the database.
Got the dish repaired. The Skybox immediately worked.

Blackgold / DVVViewer showed no tuner and no Freesat channel worked.
I uninstalled both Media Server and DVBViewer Pro and then a clean install of DVBViewer Pro only.

Scanning for Freesat gets no channel. Loading the database for Astra 28.2E and selecting any channel returns a Tuning Error.

Freeview scan and found all channels but BBC Four.

As DVBViewer and the Blackgold card worked with the alternative dish I don't think there is a hardware fault. It will not work now with either dish arial input now.

The aerial installer checked all the cables and all showed a strong 100% signal strength.

Any advise what to try next?



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I borrowed my daughter's PC with a Black Gold 3600 card. 

Installing the PC and using the satellite and terrestial aerial it picks up all channels - as expected. 

I had switched off my PC for nearly a day. When I rebooted DVBViewer found no hardware and so Freeview as well as Freesat fail to run. 

I took out the Black Gold card from my PC and replaced the working one. It finds no hardware and neither Freeview or Freesat work. I uninstalled the drivers, removed them and updated. Still dead. I have not reinstalled DVBViewer.

On the original PC, now with the Blackgold 3600 taken from the PC that did work when I connected up the dish and antenna I also got no hardware, as with the original Black Gold card.

I uninstalled and deleted the drivers. After installing still no hardware found.

I uninstalled DVBViewer removing all data.

After installing V6.1.5.0 it scanned and found Freeview channels. I loaded the database for Freesat and it also works - at least on those channels I selected. 

Black Gold support have ignored my request for advise - over a week. I will complete installing with Media Server. 

So far it looks as if the damaged LNB may have caused damage to the Black Gold PCB but that does not explain the new fault of getting no Freeview when it was working fine this morning .  I will uninstall DVBViewer and update to the latest on the borrowed PC with the swapped Black Gold.

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After re-installing DVBViewer on the borrowed PC I get Freeview channels but FreeSat returns "Tuner Error". I guess the satellite part of the card has been damaged.

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I gave up on BlackGold a few years ago. Card lasted a few months then failed. Had it repaired, it lasted another few months, then failed again. Lovely idea, but I think the card can't handle the amount of current that the LNB requires.

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