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Viewing FullHD HEVC content on weaker PC stutters (guess no HW decoding active)

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I have Brix Celeron N3150 computer, now in my country they starting switch to FullHD HEVC content and when I try to view it stutters, looses sync with audio and all in all, its barely viewable.


I tried with LAV and ArcSoft Video Decoder (which works better for me), and VMR9 Video Mixing Renderer (gives best result, but still not good enough). Also, I tried to edit settings for LAV HEVC decoder and turn on HW decoding, but it just didn't worked (maybe I missed some setting).


Thing is, with Kodi, VLC etc that support HW decoding, I get FullHD HEVC (even 10bit) material with no problems. I get saved (saved with DMS) material from same channels to play in Kodi without any problems. Problem is only with viewing it with DVBViewer. I only don't know how to set DVBViewer to use HW decoding for HEVC content.


Please, can you help me, where to look, which decoder to use?

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From SystemInfo.txt:



CPU:          Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N3150  @ 1.60GHz
CPU Speed:    1600 Mhz
CPU Count:    4
Videocard:    Intel(R) HD Graphics


The Intel N3150 CPU is based on the Braswell architecture. According to this list is should support HEVC (H.265) decoding. However, it also depends on the type (profile) of the broadcasted HEVC. It can be viewed in the TransEdit Analyzer -> right click the HEVC stream -> Header Info.


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Looking at your images, I started to play with settings and I managed to achieve satisfying image.


I went for LAV decoder, with DXVA2 (native) decoding. I also switched to deinterlacing as per your image, i.e. YADIF algorithm (had it turned off, not sure if it makes difference, but well, now it works).  Also, I needed to change video renderer to EVR Custom Video Renderer, with DXVA scaling ticked. I also tried EVR Enhanced Renderer, but with it I had problems with sync, but with much better overall image quality. So, for me it takes EVR Custom Renderer.


Now it looks as it should, or pretty close to it. Even processor load is in 15-20% (talking about DVBViewer's proc load, not of whole system).


Thank you very much for help.




It says HEVC is Main profile, level 4.1, and two channels are level 4.


As you can read, with settings shown on image and my small tweak now I have good image.

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