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Setup wake up time before recording

Lars Andersen

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Hi all,


I have a recording timer every day at 18:30 (no lead time). My PC will normally be in sleep at this time and then wake up to do the recording.

I noticed that it wakes at 18:30 and start recording but I would like that to be 10 mins. before that. So that VPN etc. have time to connect and settle.

Can I do that?

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By default the DMS subtracts an extra lead time of 3 minutes from the start time for the wake up process. That means, if a recording is due at 18:30, the DMS schedules waking up for 18:27.


This value can be changed to 10 minutes by adding a corresponding entry in the file config\service.xml (see configuration folder),  Service section, while the DMS is stopped. The new line should look like this


  <section name="Service">
    <entry name="PreWaitTimer">10</entry>



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