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Failing Recordings

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I run the same recordings each night and most times 2 of the channels will either start recording than randomly stop/start recording for the remaining timer set. Last night for instance, both BBC1HD & BBC2HD started recording ok, after around an hour the recording stopped but looks to of randomly started backup a short time later thus repeating the rest of the night.


Also from last night both Channel 4 HD & Channel 5 HD also had the same issue.


I've had this issue for a couple of months so have done a fresh install of windows 10, all latest drivers, new hard drive & Power supply. Both cards run on there own Sata power cable direct to the PSU. I've also tried each tv card in different PCI slots but same results with everything I've tried.

All DVBViewer/MediaServer options are default apart from the recording locations.

Have attached a screenshot of DVBMediaserver, I have the same issue if I run all recordings on 1 tv card.


I'm in the UK so recording from Freesat. channels I have issues with mostly are BBC1 HD & BBC2 HD


TV Cards:

TBS 6909

TBS 6904


i5 4570



Any help would be appreciated





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Either your TBS card or your outdoor equipment is not working reliably. There are a lot of error messages in your svcdebug.log, suggesting corrupted or missing data, like



17.12.19 23:34:42.293 ParseSI              Bad CRC


indicating checksum errors, or



15.12.19 01:30:00.246 TRecording ($012C2700)    R:\Recordings\14-12 2019 - Chan 4HD\14-12-2019 Sat - Chan 4HD.ts Discontinuities: 1057  -  Total size: 40.23 GB  -  Device: TBS 6909 DVBS/S2 Tuner 3 (1)


indicating gaps in the received data stream (the recorder monitors a continuity counter in the data packet headers), or



17.12.19 23:34:42.727 TRecording ($012C2340)    Tick             No data within one minute, restarting!


triggered by the "Restart recording if no data for 60 secs" option (see Media Server configuration -> Recorder) and indicating a complete loss of incoming data. That's what you usually get in case of bad reception or DVB device (driver) instabilities.


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