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Capture errors

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This is more an observation rather than an expectation of a DVBViewer change.

i use my Hauppauge Colossus card to capture video via HDMI. On occasion DVBViewer will report stream errors which I can resolve by recapturing the offending bits and dropping them in. Not a big enough of a problem to demand a change in my process, like trying other capture software.

Lately I have noticed an increase in stream errors on particular channels and it is down to the way that adverts are being inserted. Watching the programme on DVBViewer the picture briefly freezes and then resumes having lost maybe a second or 2.

I edit the ads out (using VideoRedo) so these stream errors would seem irrelevant as the final file should be “clean”. 
However, I am encountering programmes where the transition from advert to programme is abrupt and the process of handling ad-related stream errors impinges on the programme resumption.

My setup is probably not widespread but maybe someone else has noticed this?


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The number of times this thread, and others, are reported to have been viewed is too high! I can only assume it must include guests and perhaps even web search engines.

Would it be possible to restrict view counts to only those made by persons who are logged to their account? It would be a much smaller number but more representative. I don’t expect casual viewers to create an account just to respond to my ramblings.

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