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Signal drops down at Status Bar


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I have TV card Hauppauge WinTV (WinTV HVR-5500) in my PC. Have version which runs at

Windows 10 v1511 x86. After upgrade to new version signal drops down immediately to 60% at Status Bar.

Also receiving of HD format not works. Al previous upgrades works perfectly. Any suggestions?



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AFAIK nothing has been changed in the handling of Hauppauge devices since


Can you verify that it is a issue by returning to an older version? Previous installers are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\setup.


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I take some time to delete all installation at my PC, and reinstall DVBViewer. Installation goes well, but when channel scan is started there is no detected signal for any channel. My provider is A1 and cable-TV. Tuner is recognized well. Problem is somewhere about detecting signal or parameters which described cable -TV. Database is empty because nothing is detected. I don't now what is may first install version but about ten upgrades all goings well without installation at glance. I am back to


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I download Clean software and new driver form Hauppauge. After installation of new driver add latest version of DVBViewer everything works OK.

So, it is necessary to install new driver for Hauppauge TV card.


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