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Panasonic Sat IP


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I bought an GX830E TV Panasonic, just to see how good is Panasonic these days, and in scan menu, beside satellite, dvb-c, dvb-t2,  i see my DVBViewer Sat IP, what i notice on this:

Scan takes about 30 minutes, i cant see any frequency in this time, nothing, and if i enabled IPV6 in Pansonic settings i get no signal. So i disabled IPv6. After 30 minutes it found all my dvb-c channels.

Image is ok, but signal on some channels is bad, dont know why, in Romania we all have 1000mbs fiber optic, tv is conected with wire, PC same. signal goes from fiber to Dlink-890L.

What is good at this for me:

Panasonic dvb-c channel switch is slow, like 3-5 seconds( LG is faster, 2sec).

When using Sat IP, channel switch from DVBViewer is fast, 1-2seconds.

Image is the same.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-05 at 13.57.59.jpeg

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