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Limited number of simultaneous recordings


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I tend to record a lot of TV Channels simultaneously, but today, while scheduling other recordings, the ones I just inserted ones were marked in red. I was unable to record more than 15 channels simultaneously... is there an option to increase this limit (if it can be done)? I already searched (on the Tweaker tool and on Google) and I couldn't find anything about this limit.
Thank you for any help :)

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The number of simultaneous recordings is limited by the number of available tuners. Additionally it has to be taken into account how many simultaneous recordings can share a tuner because the channels are located on the same frequency (transponder).


Some years ago a DVBViewer user reported that he managed to record 60 radio channels simultaneously with a single tuner. They were all located on the same satellite transponder (Astra 19.2° East 12266 H).


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Ok, I could reproduce the issue. It's no limitation of the recorder, but of the "check if executable" function. It assumes that there are never more than 16 recordings running at the same time. The value is hardcoded.


However, as far as I can see it only affects the UI, not the  recorder, so the recordings will be executed anyway if a tuner is available. Nevertheless it's confusing and will be fixed in the next release or beta upload. Do you think it's important enough to make a fix available immediately?


The DVBViewer Media Server is not affected, because its "check if executable" function assumes that all recordings in the timer list might be running at the same time.


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I think it is not so important to fix immediately, after all I discovered the problem by chance, and I don't think many people record so many things at the same time...
There are two more important bugs I wish to be fixed soon... do I have to open a new topic (or maybe two)?

Just out of curiosity: what do you mean by " 'check if executable' function assumes that all recordings in the timer list might be running at the same time " in the Media Server? Is there a different behavior in DVBViewer? Maybe you're referring to the delay of (I believe) two seconds which occurs when two or more recordings are scheduled at the same time?

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3 hours ago, SuppaMan said:

do I have to open a new topic (or maybe two)?


If it is not related to this one, better open a new topic.


3 hours ago, SuppaMan said:

Is there a different behavior in DVBViewer?


The difference is just an array (table) size: A fixed maximum of 16 entries in DVBViewer, a dynamic size set to the total number of timer recordings in the DMS, so it can contain all timers if they are all executed simultaneously. However, in most cases it will be oversized, temporarily waisting a bit of memory.


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