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After installing DVBViewer and searching for Octopus NET V2, (which was found), no channels show up in channel scan.

Looking at the IP where Octopus Net V2 is installed, I see tuner change from Idle to No signal and back again.

Looking with Digital Devices TV 1.14.0 I can see all free to air channels in Denmark.

Have I missed something about DVBViewer?

My goal is to use Octopus NET V2 and DVBViewer with KODI.

Help is much appriciated.



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Just a guess, because you did not specify exactly what you did:


You have tried to scan DVB-T by using the DVB-T Europe transponder list (right?). In this list all transponders are flagged as DVB-T. However, if your region/country has already switched to DVB-T2, it may only work if the transponders in the list are flagged as DVB-T2 - dunno if this is required by Octopus NET V2, or if it is able to auto-detect the modulation system.


Navigate to the Transponders sub-directory of the DVBViewer configuration folder (see DVBViewer help menu) and open the file DVB-T_Europe.ini with a text editor. You will see

2=DVB-T Europe


Use search and replace to replace ,0 at the end of each list entry by ,4, thus setting the DVB-T2 flag. Store the changed list, restart DVBViewer and try to scan again.


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Hello Griga!

You just did the trick!

In my DVB-T_Europe.ini there were no ,0 at the end of lines.

I just added ,4 in the end of each line - and then all channels were found!

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards


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Fine :) I think the next DVBViewer release should additionally provide a DVB-T2_Europe.ini.


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