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TBS Technologies International Ltd. Shenzhen, China


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I'm using a TBS 5520 SE (USB with DVB-S2X and C/T2[Germany]-Tuner).

No problems. Neither with DVBViewer nor with MediaServer. (Windows 10)

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2 hours ago, neveryman said:

Never heard before about this "TBS", has anyone got some experience? Do their cards work with DVBViewer?


They work with DVBViewer. For finding user experience that has been posted in this forum you can use the Google site search by entering


site:dvbviewer.tv TBS


Problems with TBS CI (for decrypting channels)  have been reported quite frequently. They are most likely due to a DLL from TBS that has to be used for this purpose.


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I have used a TBS 6928SE with CI+CAM with generally no problems.


I have since upgraded to a TBS 6991 Dual Tuner Dual CI. I had so much trouble setting this up with two CAMs, I needed to make a batch file to kill the DMS process because it would always die on switching from tuner A to B or vice versa.


There were multiple problems I had to solve. Needed latest versions of DMS and DVBV. Assigning channels to groups and groups to tuners is a must as well as duplicating TbsCIapi.dll. I found I had to add a second RTSP Network Tuner with necessary grouping assigned in DVBV. In the end I have it working except I think it might be crashing during an Xepg import which I need to investigate.


tl;dr Expect hair pulling with more complex TBS cards, but DVBV still remains the best desktop/streaming software out there.

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In the meantime I got the card and can confirm is working fine (only free channels, since there is no CI+ (plus) CAM available).


As a funny/interesting fact, I can watch US Open on Eurosport from 2 different cable providers and notice one is delayed almost 1 second more than the other. I have a kind of instant replay. 😉

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