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Astrometa & DVB-C


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I just succeeded to make it work again, so I write here some notes for others and for myself in future :)


My background: I had such a USB DVB-C tuner, I accidentally broke it, I purhcased another one identically with the first one, I plug it in and .... 


DVBViewer was having a black screen (no video no sound) with 0% signal .


The "original" astrometa software (here : http://www.astrometa.com.tw/integrated_en.html ) DVBC-TVR was working fine !! Only DVBViewer was not working ....

[and something even more ... fishy ...: If I was opening DVBViewer on one channel (I was having no image) but if I was, after this, opening also that DVBC-TVR, then DVBViewer was starting to work !? .... but I could not change any channel and keep it working ... strange ...]


I tried a lot, uninstall, reinstall, drivers, older, newer .... the final solution was from here: https://www.DVBViewer.tv/forum/topic/63528-kein-empfang-mit-astrometa-usb-tv-stick/?do=findComment&comment=486368 


So ... let me make a summary, now, that I have things in mind:

- From : http://www.astrometa.com.tw/integrated_en.html I've installed  "AMDVBT2 BDA driver for DVBC Build 170427" . [ I've installed also  DVBC TVR 4.8.0 and that "AMDVBT2_Setup_200917" but the first one is the important driver]

- In DVBViewer, Options - Hardware -> I've pressed Scan, and the nchange the device to "Cable"

- Now I was in the situation that DVBC_TVR was working but DVB_Viewer not

- Edit registry: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AMDVBT2BDA\Parameters : DVBCMode from 0 to 1 !!!!! (and restart computer)



Good luck to you (and to me next time when I have this issue :) )





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Solar Fox


I got 2 USB DVB-T/T2/C stick and one PCx card for PC TBS 6590 and NOT ONE of them work in Win 10x64 2004 and 2009 (20H2) It does not even show as device in any DVBViewer or even in their own program. Drivers are latest and installed correctly.


They all work fine in same pc just Win10 1909 build from September 2019 :( but that version want to update to 2004.


Is Microsoft disabled all tv cards or there is there some fix for that?

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