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Windows 10 version 20H2


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I bought the new PC with Win10 version 20H2 and, unfortunatelly, these tuners not working - no audio and no video:

- PCTV 292e with driver https://hauppauge.s3.amazonaws.com/drivers/wintv-solo_dual_quadhd_5_2020_0406_38125.exe

- AverMedia TD 310 with driver https://storage.avermedia.com/web_release_www/TD310/TD310_Driver_x64_v14.7.64.18_20161202.exe


In Device manager all is ok.

In DVBViewer - when I run in debug mode - in log is not any error.


Exist anything what can be done in application level or is it problem in Win 10 or drivers?


Devices Hauppauge WinTV solo HD, TT connect ct2 4650 CI, DVBSky T330, AverMedia TwinStar works without problems.



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Which was the last Windows version where all devices worked?


The log shows no error for PCTV 292e/461e and AVerMedia TD310. Looks like the drivers just don't deliver data, for whatever reason... ;)


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1 hour ago, Griga said:

Which was the last Windows version where all devices worked?

Windows 7 SP 1 64bits. And drivers was for Windows 7.

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