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Timer rules and Timers

Bart Zorn

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Bart Zorn

I thought that the purpose of Timer Rules is create Timers for any event which matches the specs in the Timer Rule.

It used to work like that, but not any more.

It does not seem to make a difference if I make the Timer Rule via the DMS web interface or via Kodi. The Timer Rule appears in both views, is enabled, but there are no timers, although I am sure that there are several recordings to be made.

Am I missing something?

Is there a way to trigger the scanning of the EPG and the generation of the relevant Timers?





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  • Web Interface -> Tasks -> Create Timers Automatically (triggers timer creation based on all search presets that are flagged with "Auto-create recording timers").
  • Web Interface - Configuration -> EPG Update Settings -> Automatically create timers after an update (triggers automatic timer creation after each EPG update).
  • Web Interface -> Timers -> Select "Internal Task Timer" as timer type -> New Timer -> Enter an execution time, final action and select "Create Timers Automatically" as task -> Save (executes automatic timer creation daily at a certain time).
  • Web Interface -> Search EPG -> Select a search preset -> Create Timers (creates timers individually based on that search preset).
  • Web Interface -> Search EPG -> Select a search preset -> Search (preview for which programmes timers would/should be created automatically and to select programmes manually for which timers shall be created when clicking the Record button).


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