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Tune only timer


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When I set in "Tune Only" timer "Task after recording" to "None" and disable "All Audiotracks/Teletext/DVB Subtitles" and then restart DMS these fields go to back to the default values as you can see here:



This timer is intended only for receiving EPG data, without post processing task.



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Several settings don't apply to "Tune Only" timers:

  • EPG monitoring
  • Task after recording
  • Recording folder
  • File naming scheme
  • Series
  • TV/Radio recording format
  • Include all audio tracks, teletext etc.

That's why they are not saved to the file svctimers.xml and not read on DMS start, so that the default timer settings remain unchanged. The settings could be written and read in order to avoid user confusion, but from the technical point of view it would be useless overhead.


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Griga said:

EPG monitoring

How to disable it? I don't see there for it any checkbox.


1 hour ago, Griga said:

Task after recording

I tried for it set "None". After restart DMS it return to my default value.


1 hour ago, Griga said:

Recording folder

There is not the possibility to to disable it. There are these choices:



1 hour ago, Griga said:

File naming scheme

I tried to leave it empty, but DMS always fills it to default value.




1 hour ago, Griga said:

TV/Radio recording format

There is not the possibility to disable it. And when I select "Always TS" it return back to "MP2/MP3/AAC/AC3". There are these choices:




Can you show me here the screenshot how should be look the "tune only" timer? Maybe I don't understand sufficiently how to achieve it.


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In svctimers.xml is this timer defined as:


    <Timer Type="1" ID="{F906CF4E-BC48-47A0-9951-E5BB2789FF45}" Enabled="-1" Date="22.07.2021" Start="07:00:00" Dur="20" Days="---T--T" IntID="4833" Priority="50" Action="1" Timeshift="0">
      <Descr>EPG DVB T2 642</Descr>
      <Channel ID="3713222296739119619|Nova Action T2" EPGID="577341233551180291"/>


Maybe false alarm from my side??

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The settings simply don't take effect on "Tune Only" timers. They are meaningless. It would be clearer for users if the web interface would hide or disable them as soon as the timer type is set to "Tune Only". However, that would require some measures in the DMS code and the HTML template for the timer dialog (including JavaScript) for an option of minor importance.


2 hours ago, jirim100 said:
3 hours ago, Griga said:

EPG monitoring

How to disable it? I don't see there for it any checkbox.


It only appears (and takes effect) if a timer is created from one of the EPG pages and the EPG contains PDC (Program Delivery Control) information. It can be forced to appear by activating the "EPG Event ID usage on timer handling" tweak (-> launch DMSTweaker.bat). However, using the Event ID instead of PDC for EPG monitoring may not be reliable. The default setting for it is specified in the DMS options (svcoptions.exe) -> Recording Timers page -> EPG Monitoring.


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