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I have a couple of FTA channels on each of three satellites, namely 13,0, 19,2 and 28,2. My skin is NewDefWide and my EPG view only shows channels from 28,2. Setting for collecting EPG with Mediahighway resp. Freesat is default at the moment.

I need help to find out how to get EPG from satellites 13,0 and 19,2, please.

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Usually EPG data should be received if you tune a channel on Hotbird or Astra 19.2° East. Please try in the DVBViewer EPG Window -> EPG per Channel tab if it works. Tune a channel that provides EPG data by double-clicking it, then wait for about 10 seconds.


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No luck. Still only EPG for channels on 28,2. The EPG Timeline started from the menu in the skin does not list the channels on 13,0 nor 19,2. They are listed in the EPG window. Could this be a connection to the lacking of EPG?

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21 minutes ago, ILN said:

They are listed in the EPG window.


This means, DVBViewer has received and stored the EPG data. In order to pinpoint the problem, please try the timeline of the default (or old default) OSD skin.


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What do you mean by "Listed but no EPG"? The channel appears in the OSD timeline, but no EPG entries? This means, the received EPG data is out of scope, or with other words, not in the visible area. You need to scroll horizontally until it appears.


What about the timeline in the EPG Window? How does it look there? Maybe it's easier to investigate.


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All channels are listed in "channel list" and "channel editor" and "EPG window". In these lists EPG is shown for channels on "28,2" but not for any of the channels on neither "13,0" nor on "19,2". Scrolling in the EPGwindow to the right just gives an empty space. In the "EPG timeline" no channels on "13,0" nor on "19,2" are listed. 

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On 8/16/2021 at 1:28 PM, Griga said:
On 8/16/2021 at 1:03 PM, ILN said:

They are listed in the EPG window.


This means, DVBViewer has received and stored the EPG data.


This was a misunderstanding. The channel list  in the EPG Window -> EPG per Channel tab always lists all channels allowed by its filter functions, no matter whether EPG data is available for them or not.


If no EPG data appears about 10 seconds after tuning one of these channels by double-clicking it, something may be wrong with your channel list. Please check the right side of the TV/Radio -> Channel Editor after selecting the channel:

  • Is EPG -> DVB EPG checked? If not, DVBViewer receives the DVB EPG, but does not display it.
  • Is the Service ID, (Transport) Stream ID and Network ID present (not zero) and correct? You can check it by comparing the values with the ones indicated by the LyngSat page for Astra 19°.2° E and for Hotbird (SID, TID and ONID values).

Please note that several channels on Astra 19.2° E and Hotbird don't provide EPG data. Another possible reason for missing EPG data is Options -> Hardware -> Disable EPG reception being checked for the DVB device.


Here DVBViewer displays EPG data for four satellite positions (Astra 19.2 / 23.5 / 28.2 and Hotbird 13° East) without problems. I'm using the default satellite channel lists that are installed with DVBViewer.


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Thank you for these advice. ?

I have gone through them and I can see that I now have got EPG for channels from all my three LNB's, although not for all my channels.

I am missing EPG for:

On 13.0: BBC World, France 24 English, NASA TV

On 19.2: Euronews English, Al Jazeera English

(On 28.2 there is EPG for all my channels)

EPG's are apparently missing for "news" channels so I might have to live with it, even if there can be programs good to know in advance. 

What is bothering me now is that the "EPG Timeline" does not show all channels. These are shown in the "EPG Window". Is there a way to arrange that?

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Yes, and in the EPG Window all channels are there. I mean the EPG Timeline that I reach using me remote control from the OSD skin that has a menu with a list of things like program, channels, recordings, EPG Timeline, etc. This EPG Timeline is more usefull for me as I can stick to my remote. 

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Test version attached in a personal forum message (PM) to you. Please note that you need a DVBViewer 7.1.2 installation (released today). Just replace DVBViewer.exe. The new option appears in the OSD menu that pops up after pressing OSD Blue (keyboard F8) when the OSD timeline is active.


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I have all my channels in the OSDTimeline. I can now use the same window for choosing channel and can initiate recordings for channels which have their EPG. The ones without EPG are mainly news channels with repetitive programs anyhow. And all this with my remote control (no k-board or mouse needed).

Thanks a lot.

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The test has been successful, but for one problem I have encountered:
When using the XEPG program with success messages all the way up to the pairing window, none of the xmltv channels will appear, only the red right arrow in the left panel. The Pairings.xml file shows all the desired channels.

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Thank you,

I am running the official release (22.08.21) without result regarding the "Pairing". This is mainly "the icing on the cake" for me, so if it will be fixed in the next official release, I can wait, at least try to.

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3 hours ago, ILN said:

I am running the official release (22.08.21) without result regarding the "Pairing".


Known issues concerning EPG import are fixed in this release (they were not fixed  in the preliminary test version you got from me).


So something else must be wrong with your setup. You may want to ask for help in the Xepg thread.


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