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Hallo leden,

ik ben met het programma ( IQMonitor) aan het installeren,maar tot een bepaalde hoogte snap ik .
in een programma sta:
Sla het bestand TransEdit.exe op in de DVBViewer installatiemap (waar DVBViewer.exe zich bevindt). TransEdit vereist DVBViewer Pro 4.5 of later, of DVBViewer GE 3.0 of later. Zonder een dergelijke DVBViewer installatie zijn sommige functies niet beschikbaar. 

Maak een snelkoppeling op uw bureaublad of in het startmenu, als u dat wilt, door het TransEdit.exe bestand met de rechter muisknop naar de gewenste plaats te slepen.

Download daarnaast de TransEdit handleiding (TransEdit_Manual.zip) en sla de bestanden TransEdit.chm en TransEditHelp.ini op in dezelfde directory als TransEdit.exe, waardoor een contextgevoelige help mogelijk wordt: Door op F1 te drukken wordt het handboekgedeelte geopend voor het op dat moment geselecteerde venster of bedieningselement.

De Transponders directory in het gedownloade TransEdit ZIP bestand bevat actuele transponder lijsten voor Astra 19°/23°/28° Oost en Hotbird 13° Oost als INI bestanden. Als je deze wilt gebruiken voor het scannen, doe dan het volgende:

 Open een Explorer venster met de inhoud van de DVBViewer configuratie door "Info/ Configuration Folder" te selecteren in TransEdit.

 Sluit TransEdit.

 Sla de nieuwe transponderlijstbestanden op in de subdirectory Transponders van de configuratiemap.

NL deze;
3. Programma's TSReaderLite en ABC4T2ContentAnalyser moeten worden geconfigureerd om het transportstroombestand te lezen

...IQmonitor_Pro \ TS.ts, en de rest - om te luisteren op poort 2103 via UDP-protocol

Hoe ga ik allemaal te werk om dat goed te krijgen zodat het programma werkt.
Hier zit het nog op vast.


Vertaald met www.DeepL.com/Translator (gratis versie)

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Store the file TransEdit.exe in the DVBViewer installation folder (where DVBViewer.exe is located). TransEdit requires DVBViewer Pro 4.5 or later, or DVBViewer GE 3.0 or later. Without such a DVBViewer installation some functions are not available.

Create a shortcut on your desktop or in the start menu, if you like, by dragging the TransEdit.exe file with the right mouse button to the desired location.

Additionally download the TransEdit manual (TransEdit_Manual.zip) and store the files TransEdit.chm and TransEditHelp.ini in the same directory as TransEdit.exe, thus enabling a context-sensitive help: Pressing F1 opens the manual section for the currently selected window or control element.

The Transponders directory in the downloaded TransEdit ZIP file contains up-to-date transponder lists for Astra 19°/23°/28° East and Hotbird 13° East as INI files. If you want to use them for scanning, do the following:

Open an Explorer Window showing the content of the DVBViewer configuration by selecting „Info/ Configuration Folder“ in TransEdit.

Close TransEdit.

Store the new transponder list files in the Transponders sub-directory of the configuration folder.



This is from the TransEdit_manual.

can anybody show by picture`s whot it mean`s ,and whot i must do.



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It's very simple. Just store TransEdit.exe in the DVBViewer program directory (where DVBViewer.exe is) and launch it.


Recent TransEdit versions do not provide transponder lists anymore. However, TransEdit can use the transponder lists that are installed with DVBViewer They are quite up-to-date.


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TransEdit is a free tool for all DVBViewer users. You can install it either by starting the "DVBViewer Pro Downloader" from start menu and selecting TransEdit there. Or download it from member area where you downloaded DVBViewer and extract it to the DVBViewer folder.


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 Programs TSReaderLite and ABC4T2ContentAnalyser must be configured to read the transport stream file

IQmonitor_Pro, TS.ts, and the rest - to listen on port 2103 via UDP protocol

This is still not clear to me ,what is written above.
can you please explain it to me

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb MrDish:

Programs TSReaderLite and ABC4T2ContentAnalyser must be configured...


TSReader is not part of DVBViewer software, so maybe this forum is not the best place for questions about it.


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?? In section "Main Application" of members area there is only one "DVBViewer Pro" (atm Version where you just click on the name. Currently the same entry is additionally on top in "New/Updated last 4 weeks" as it simply was updated currently.


Download directly with Browser, don't use a download manager. And every setup is individually tagged with your account and only works with the credentials from your mail. So don't give your setup to anyone nor use a setup from any other place than official here (other's setup will not work with your credentials!).


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What do I need when I order DVBViewer _Pro .
That I can download it successfully , and that I do not encounter problems .
I read something about IP ?! 


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Hello Mr Dish,


first you have to order DVBViewer. On the mainpage (http://www.DVBViewer.com/en/index.php?page=home) click on "Ordering".


Depending on the way of paying you will get very fast a mail with you keyword and a keyfile. The first you need to enter the members section. On the mainpage under the big picture. There you can download the DVBViewer setup-file and plugins and tools. If you order the dms (DVBViewer Media Server) oder video editor you can download them there too. Both keyword and keyfile are needed to install your personal version of DVBViewer.


If you have an internect-connection while setup, the DVBViewer wizard does all necessary for you, including downloads. You have only to make some settings.


For the use of DVBViewer you don't have to have an active internet-connection, if you're using DVB-T, DVB-S or DVB-C only for IP-TV you need the internet.



Many greetings



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Received an email from hackbart@DVBViewer.com.

With a Keyfile (attached); xxxxxxxxxxdvbvkey
with a Login/Username ;xxxxxxxxxxxx
Password : xxxx_xxxxxx
and Cheksum.
and 2 attachments.

Where does what belong?!


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vor 27 Minuten schrieb MrDish:

Where does what belong?!


Save the Keyfile somewhere on your hard disk. Download the DVBViewer installer and launch it. It will ask for keyfile, user name and password.


Important: Make a backup of keyfile, user name and password, so you don't lose your DVBViewer licence if you have a hard disk crash.


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What should I fill in in the Folder : DVBViewer Media Server, in the boxes: 
Select a Media Server? and IP address and port.
Is the IP at IPv4-Standard Gateway ?!



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