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MyGica T230C DVB-C

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I'm testing the demo version and i can't find any channels in DVB-C. With the proprietary app (in windows) and tvheadend (in ubuntu) , it works.

Is this tuner suported?


USB interface: Cypress CY7C68013A-56LTXC
Demodulator: Silicon Labs Si2168-D60
Tuner: Silicon Labs Si2141-A10


I also tried adding <entry name="SRx1000">1</entry>  in hardware.xml


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The T230 C is recognized by the DVBViewer hardware database as relabeled DVBSky device. Since DVBSky devices are supported by DVBViewer, I would expect the T230C to work as well.


Maybe the reason for failure are the frequencies and/or other reception parameters (particularly symbolrate and modulation) that are used by your cable provider. Obviously you have used the "Cable All" transponder list for scanning. It lets DVBViewer try various parameter variations, that may not cover the ones that are necessary in your case. So I would try two things:

  • Find a list containing the frequencies / parameters that are used by your provider in the web, particularly information about the "home frequency/transponder", where information about all other frequencies is broadcasted.
  • Get the parameters from the proprietary app or tvheadend, if available in the UI.

This would enable to create a transponder list that is suitable for your provider.


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I've got the same stick and doesn't work on DVB-C on DVBViewer either. Same VID and PID.


I've got a transponder list for my cable and other USB device (TBS 5520SE) and both working fine.

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