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DMS strange HW issue


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hello there,


i started observing strange issue what strarted last weekend and i'm not able to fix it, so far no issue ...

i use VU+ like a TS stream device with no issue and DVBSky S960C connected via USB. now i can see dvbsky as unavaliable in DMS, so it's red and when rescaned i cannot tune any transponder on it. so i tried to add dvbsky to DVBViewer directly and it started to work as usual.




now i can watch any channel from dvbsky in DVBViewer. well, but i'd like to have it available in DMS again because i use DMS as a backend for Kodi ...


thank you!


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The hardware IDs (or paths) are different in the hardware.xml and svchardware.xml:



  <section name="@device:pnp:\\?\usb#vid_0572&amp;pid_960c#20130508#{71985f48-1ca1-11d3-9cc8-00c04f7971e0}\{f31bcf3b-9623-4937-8228-bd895ba00b21}">


  <section name="@device:pnp:\\?\usb#vid_0572&amp;pid_960c#20130508#{71985f48-1ca1-11d3-9cc8-00c04f7971e0}\{f31bcf3b-9623-4937-8228-bd895ba00be1}">


Only one of them can be right. Either correct it manually with a text editor while the DMS is stopped. Or delete the DVBSky box in the DMS hardware options and rescan.


The device ID may change on driver installation or if the device gets connected to a different USB port. There are also known cases where Windows  reinstalls a USB device driver on each reboot for unknown reasons.


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WOW, thanks again!


this worked, the strange is i had no issue with dvbsky for years, this simply started last weekend no idea why. i tried to reinstall DMS and remove/add dvbsky device, no luck.

now i edited svchardware.xml manually and it started to work again plus survived reboot :)



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vor 21 Minuten schrieb cyberreality:

i tried to reinstall DMS and remove/add dvbsky device, no luck.


This is strange, because a device scan should yield the same device ID in DVBViewer and DMS.


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