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DVBViewer media with multiple tuners, switches and LNB's


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Hardware setup:

See, screenshot


Software setup:

DVBViewer media server

1x client running local

1x client running remote on same network

Both clients connect to the DVBViewer media server.

Both clients have transponder list 19.2, 28.2 and 23.5.


I would like to understand when/how DVBViewer media server decides to use Tuner A or Tuner B and which software setting needs to setup. 


Example 1:

Local client is locked on Tuner A and LNB 19.2, at the same time remote client should be able to lock on Tuner B and LNB 19.2


Example 2:

Local client is locked on Tuner A and LNB 19.2 and frequency 11836, at the same time the same local client should be able to lock (for recording purposes) Tuner B and LNB 19.2 frequency 11347




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20 hours ago, Phyxsius7 said:

I would like to understand when/how DVBViewer media server decides to use Tuner A or Tuner B


It always serves requests by using the first suitable and unoccupied tuner from the top of the device list. So it will only use tuner B, if A is occupied. If both clients request a stream from the same transponder, only one tuner is used.


If your hardware setup is homogeneuos (so that both tuners can be used in an identical way), there are no settings (like channel groups) that you have to set up. This would be necessary e.g. if Tuner A only receives Astra 19.2° E and tuner B only 28.2° E.


Please note that you have to apply the tweaks for your TBS dual tuner card and DiSEqC in the file svchardware.xml (see configuration folder -> config sub-directory), if you want to use the DVBViewer Media Server as recorder and data source. Clients (particularly DVBViewer) should not access the TBS tuners directly in this case, but only receive TV/Radio from the Media Server by working as Sat>IP clients. This can be achieved by performing Help -> Media Server Wizard in DVBViewer, if not yet done.


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