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Therefore it has been implemented in the DVBViewer GE 1.6 nearly two weeks ago. ;)


uh, great and quick! GE becomes more and more interesting. Will have a look at.


Up to now the killer feature of DVDB 3.x for my interests is overlapping recording of two or more stations WITHOUT handling with videorekorder plugin or TS-stuff.


But lack of reliability of DVBD 3.1 on long time (weeks) repeated scheduled recording (which seems to be more bad on DVBD 3.2.1) makes me to think about it again.


Thanks a lot.

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well it has also been implemented in the pro two weeks ago, but right now there are a couple of parts rewritten and it still takes time to finish the new version.

Anyhow the server is now able to communicate with clients (even via telnet) and the server also uses plugins. Which might be not that useful generally, but technically you can watch tv on the server by the preview plugin and/or dump streams while broadcasting the tv/radio data. I guess i will also add some icecast compatible transmission ;)



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