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Twinhan Starbox Remote Plugin

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i finished the remote support for the twinhan usb dvb-t and -s boxes. The usage is simple:

1. extract the plugin into the plugins folder

2. enable the Twinhan Plugin under Options->Input->Input Plugins

3. Assign the remote keys under Options->Input.



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Perhaps it's my fault I don't know...

...Is it possible to get an update of this very important plugin?


I have installed it as requested, restarted & rebooted, but it still does not work properly. I can select the device, but in the inputs there are just keyboard shortcuts. The buttons work funny, e.g "channel up" increases audio volume.


Some buttons i can "teach", but not all.

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maybe i'm only a very lucky person - i don't know - but in my case the twinhan remote works without any plugins very fine. i simply used the input options panel and clicked on the learn button and assigned all the actions to the remote. i didn't need antything else for it...

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