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Sat>IP Viewer for Android: Channel ordering with LCN

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Hi Hackbart,


I'm a customer of the DVBViewer for PC and the SAT>IP Viewer for Android. I like both apps!


However, I found a must-have that the SAT>IP Viewer for Android doesn't implement: The LCN support for ordering the channels.

In my region I receive a more than a hundred of channels via aerial. All these channels are ordered using the LCN.

Futhermore, the "other" app for Android (aka EyeTV SAT>IP now from the Geniantech Group) is ordering the channels using the LCN value by default.

But, the problem with the EyeTV is that it doesn't support HD H.264 channels. So, I prefer your SAT>IP Viewer. But ordering channels with a mobile when it can done automatically it's a pain.


So, please can you add support for LCN?

Thank you!


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