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I'm trying to retrieve some teletext ts-data using the DVBViewer plugin api,

but i'm experiencing some difficulties in using the PidCallback procedure

(DVBViewer 3.2.6).


For example, if I follow the plugin sdk-example "dumper", it seems that

all other procedures (SetApphandle, SetMenuhandle, Execute,SetState,

MeniItemClick,...) of the example are called successfully in some point of

execution, but PidCallback is never called.


If someone could please point me to the right direction, I would appreciate

the help very much.





[edit] Posted in wrong forum, sorry. If an admin could move this to the "plugins & mods" i'd be glad.

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I just found this message by Hackbart:




The message is posted Sep 20 2003, and it says:


The PidCallback routine does no longer look like this:

__stdcall void PidCallback(TStream data) it is now a pointer

__stdcall void PidCallback(TStream *data).


Now this is in contradiction with the Plugin SDK,

according to which the correct syntax is:


Procedure PidCallback(Stream:TTStream);stdcall;

void __stdcall PidCallback(TTStream Stream)


The SDK doc is dated Jun 30 2003, and the example

"dumper" is from april 2003.


Is it possible to find another example about "PidCallback"?

Or are there nowadays other, better methods available for

collecting ts-data?

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Guest Lars_MQ

What do you exactly need, only teletext data? Maybe you can use the COM SDK found in the freedownload area of www.DVBViewer.com.


There are several methods to extract the TTxt data as ascii or raw and you get a callback if a new page arrives...

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Thank you for the reply and suggestions.


The COM SDK seems very nice indeed, and pretty powerful also.

I'll certrainly have to take a closer look at it.


Teletext I mentioned as an example, I'd like to start from it. But eventually,

I wanted to get the ts (or pes, rather, if available) for a given pid, to post

process some elementary streams (i once wrote a small script for ts-

recordings, that makes an ocr-transformation dvb_subs->ascii_text,

and i wanted to try if this operation could be done "on line" with dvbv).


Anyways, I'm just educating my self here, to understand a little better how

things nowadays are done.. :)


Thanks again, I'll report if I can get the thing working.

Edited by emmel

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Two more questions, before I give up... :)


1) Anybody with a working (delphi) sample utilizing PidCallback?

2) Is the "data pin" of the pushsource controllable and connectable?


I can always record the necessary ts-pids using the VRplugin, or by

using the b2c2 sdk, so no problem in this sense. But if there is a way

of directly accessing the ts with dvbv, it would be much better. A simple

'no' is also an acceptable answer :wacko:

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