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Winamp DSP/Visual Plugins via new DeDynamic Filter

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Hi, DVBViewer users!

"...added Winamp DSP/Visual Plugins via new DeDynamic Filter...."

How to use DSP/Visual Plugins? Bye, Marco

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No clue either... i think to find out we need a volunteer (or a victim :D ) who downloads those winamp plugins, puts them into the DVBViewer/Plugins folder and tries...


But I'm not really interested in that stuff. :angry:



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Hey realy great and the best is the equalizer !!! I ever wished me that feature !!! :angry:

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When you add the Dedynamic filter, you get a new tray icon (a blue cross). Right-click to access the plugins.

How can i "add the Dedynamic filter"? Should i download something? :angry:

Thanks, Marco :D

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How can i "add the Dedynamic filter"?
Go to the options --> DirectshowFilter --> Dedynamic Filter and select the first Point (use Dedynamic Filter)

Thats it. If you have installed the newest version of DVBViewer you have in the filters directory a file that called DCDSPFilter.ax That ist this Filter.



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