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Sigma Designs XCard MPEG decoder


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I have tried several Graphs to connect DVBViewer to my Sigma designs Xcard (hardware MPEG decoder)

I can't get it to work with sound and video together.

Either I have audio or video, but never both at least not in a smooth going way

With Mytheatre it works fine, but I prefer to use DVBViewer.

The image quality of the Xcard is superb connected through scart to my TV set.

Now all I need is a working graph for DVBViewer

Does someone know a solution for this?

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Maybe you can use GraphEdit to connect to the running graph with MyTheatre. Then all displayed filters are shown.


With the full version of the DVBViewer and the GraphSelector Plugin you should be able to build every desired graph.


Bye, Oliver

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@ Oliver


Thnx, I'm using a full registered DVBViewer (latest version with latest Marfi's and 4.2.8 drivers for my SS2)

That's exactly what I did, connecting to the "remote Mytheatre Graph"

The graph used by Mytheatre is very simple It consist of only 3 components:

DVBcore, Sigmadesigns MPEG2 hardware decoder and a video renderer.

It runs very smoothly on Mytheatre, but building the same graph with Marfi's as source in DVBViewer freezes up my video, while audio runs fine.

Using the B2C2 source, with a similar graph works the other way around: video = PERFECT, but no sound or only for a milli second at start up.

Rebulding graphs doesn't solve the proble.

As far as I can guess, this has something to do wit the Audiocodecs "preset choises" in DVBViewer.

I do not need any audio codecs because the Xcard can do all decoding of MPEG 1, 2, 3 by itself, nevertheless if I connect to the running graph there's always an audio renderer present, although not connected in the graph.

Removing it freezes my whole system!

I would really like to get the Xcard to work together with DVBViewer as the both of them make an almost perfect HTPC



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Well, I can not solve your problem, but here are some hints:


As far as I can guess, this has something to do wit the Audiocodecs "preset choises" in DVBViewer


They only refer to Marfi's filter. Did you already try to change the "Automatic Audio/Video detection" options? They need a "Rebuild Graph" to take effect - and I would do that *before* you try to connect to the SigmaDesigns decoder. Furthermore you can preselect the SigmaDesigns by entering its CLSID in the Audio/Videocodec input field.


Removing it freezes my whole system!


In order to change the remote graph in GraphEdit, you first have to stop it by switching the DVBViewer to Pause Mode. However, the disconnected audio renderer should have no effect - it just sleeps :wub:


I'd recommend to download the GraphSelector Plugin from the Service Center - the package contains a ReadMe that explains how to control the DVBViewer graph with GRF files.



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@ Griga


Thank you for the suggestions

After another week of experimenting with Graphedit & DVBViewer, I found out that RLdumper.ax is causing all the trouble with my Xcard.

Moving this filter from the filter directory solves the problem, I get a very very smooth running graph with a stunning image quality on my TV screen.

However a new problem is introduced: I cannot record anything anymore.


Maybe this is something that Bernd can explain/solve



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I found out that RLdumper.ax is causing all the trouble


That's strange - the Dumper Filter is a Null Transform Filter, that does not do anything with the data. Its only purpose is to enable the DVBViewer to capture the data from the DirectShow Graph for recording - it provides an interface for that.


So, what's the problem? Doesn't it connect to the SigmaDesigns?


BTW: The DVBViewer Headprogrammer is Christian. Bernd is his father :wub:



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It is strange indeed, the dump filters connect to the DS filter from Sigma, but running the graph once in DVBViewer, the graph rebuilds itself and when I connect to it with Graphedit it shows 2 dump filters (audio & video) placed in series in the video out line of marfi's and the video input of Sigma or sometimes I find them in series connected to the audio output of marfi's and the audio input of Sigma.

Once I remove the filters from the DVBViewer's filters dir, everything runs great exept recording :wub:

T really would like to tackle this (small ??) problem, becaus if I do I can finish my HTPC project that I started in june of this year and as I may say with a very nice result.



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when I connect to it with Graphedit it shows 2 dump filters


Ah yes - the DVBViewer inserts the Dump Filters automatically. So if they are already present, you'll get them doubled.


Summarised: If the Dump Filters are inserted between Marfi's Filter and the SigmaDesigns, you get no video. If they are missing, everything works fine (except recording, of course). Is this correct?


If it is like that, it probably will be hard to solve... usually the Dump Filter is unproblematic, it didn't cause any trouble up to now. Maybe Marfi knows something...


The SkyStar 4.2 Sourcefilter only accepts the M$ MPEG Audio Decoder, unfortunately it doesn't connect to others - I've found no way to change it. That's why you get no audio with the SkyStar 4.2, I guess. But what about a graph that uses the SigmaDesigns for video (audio pin unconnected) and lets audio go the "normal" way... did you already try that?



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[summarised: If the Dump Filters are inserted between Marfi's Filter and the SigmaDesigns, you get no video. If they are missing, everything works fine (except recording, of course). Is this correct?]


Yes, that's exactly how it is.

Without dumpfilters perfect sound and video, but no recording!

As soon as a dumpfilter is connected I get either hackling or freezing video (in case the dumpfilter is between Marfi's video out and Sigma's video in pins) or no audio if the filter is between the audio pins.


But the most strange thing of all is that the audio and video dumpfilters connect in series (so audio dump connects to videodump and together they take place in mij audio connection from marfi's to Sigma) :)



I haven't tried your suggestion to "let the audio go its automatic way" As soon as the football match on C+ is finished :bounce: I'll go and try, will let you know the outcome.

Thnx. again!

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[sigmaDesigns for video (audio pin unconnected) and lets audio go the "normal" way... did you already try that?]


Build a new graph without connecting the audio pins, without any luck.

Meanwhile installed R9 version with latest Marfi's (the none NET version) + your new graphbuilder and the updated CENSORED, I tried the new DVBViewer filter, but that doesn't run at all with Sigma.

I guess I'm forced to go back to using MT again :)

It's apity, because DVBViewer is very stable and has a nice look/layout and many fine options.

As I've been reading, the DVBViewer.ax will be further developed, well maybe the future will bring me the technical solution I'm looking for.

If you ever run across someone who's found the solution, please think of me :bounce:

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@ Griga


I could not resist trying further.

With the latest Marfi flter ( I now have a very smooth video, but no sound at all.

Making a proper graph is no problem for me, I've been studying this matter intesively the last few weeks, but every time I start the graph with DVBViewer, my clock setting (made in Graphedit on the RMMPEG2.ax from Sigma) disapears and I guess that is my problem now.

Sound is there for a second or maybe 2, but then SILENCE

Once again, the new DVBViewer source filter doesn't connect to the Sigma designs hardware filter, so trying or using that solution won't work at all.

I also tried the CLSID option in Marfi's DS section, but with no luck:

CLSID = {4E3ABD41-458E-11D1-917E-00001B4F006F}


In Skyview from Marfi, I have exactly the same problem, all works fine but audio/sound


Any suggestions?


If it helps I can mail you the Sigma.ax



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If you can use a built graph in skyview you can use the same graph with graphselector plugin (look at download area9 with DVBViewer to.



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Sorry, no clue what can be done.


The Dump Filters are necessary for recording with the DVBViewer, and if they cause the problem... that's where we are.


There is a possibility to record without the Dump Filters... you can do it directly with Marfi's Filter (see end of this thread). But it's not very convenient...



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Guest hackbart

hmm, sound should work without any problems. Maybe you should try to disable the Detect Audio checkbox and please switch the audio codec. By the way if the graph looks fine, but everything is silent it might be caused by the dedynamic settings :)

I know the Sigma Decoder has a line in for Audio, but using a different one should also does the job without eating too much ressources. I do not think it is a problem of my graphassembling routine (caused by two input pins on one filter) - anyhow i will take a look..




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  • 2 months later...

With the new 2.0 release all works fine for me now (Xcard) !!!!

In the DS filter menu I can now select for both audio and video the Sigma Designs Xcard.


I'm happy :idiot:


Now I can use the best DVB prog there is!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Unfortunately again I have a problem now the new relaese of DVBViewer has been installed, the Skyavc.ax from the 2.0 version worked fawlessly.

I already noticed that changing marfi filter in DVBViewer 2.0 to a newer version, restarted my problems.


Is there a way to change/modify the validity of marfi's filter?

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