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Video Reconnect

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Just another DVBViewer plugin.... :rolleyes:


Lately I activated the hardware acceleration feature of the Mediamatics (DVD Express) MPEG Video Decoder in the registry (see this thread for more information), and it performed quite well - as well as the NVidia Decoder, with very little CPU usage.


Unfortunately it caused problems with fast channel switching - each time the video resolution was changing (e.g. from 720x576 to 480x576) I got some kind of modern art on the screen.


So I tried the following: Switched the DVBViewer to Pause Mode in order to stop the filter graph, launched GraphEdit, connected to remote graph, disconnected all filters of the video branch, reconnected them, re-started the DVBViewer playback - and the picture was OK!


This gave me the idea to write a plugin that does the dis- and reconnecting automatically after switching over to another channel. And here it is - and it works, at least on my PC with the Mediamatics - dedicated to all Zappers:


How to use it: Put the DLL into the DVBViewer/Plugins folder. Reconnect Video is by default switched off - you first have to enable it by clicking the menu entry in the Plugins Menu. If you want it to be enabled by default, just rename the ZZVideoReconnect.dll to ZZVideoReconnectOn.dll - the plugin checks its own filename.


The ZZ ("ZapZap" ;) ) at the beginning makes sure that the plugin becomes the last in the DVBViewer's plugin chain, so it can also dis/reconnect filters that have been inserted by other plugins (e.g. the Videorecorder Plugin).


Please note: This plugin may not work with all filter graphs. It definitely does not work with the new DVBViewer source filter, only with the SkyStar 4.2 and Marfi's. It may interfere with other plugins - I didn't test it. It simply assumes that each filter in the video branch only uses one output pin.


You may try it if fast channel switching causes 'visual' disturbances - not only for the Mediamatics. But you do it at your own risk - I guarantee nothing!


The Delphi 6 source is included for all programmers. If you only want to use the plugin, you don't need the dpr file.




[Edit] Please note: The Plugin does not work with DVBViewer Versions >= 3.0 or DVBViewer GE. So don't use it anymore, it uselessly eats up some memory... the Automatic Video Format Detection option does the job anyway.[/Edit]


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I've tested the plugin now for some days with both the Mediamatics and the NVIDIA 2.55 decoder; I encountered no problems. Thanks to the plugin the NVIDIA decoder can be used without restrictions, now. Formerly it was not possible to play certain DVDs - now everything's fine.


Bye, Oliver

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Formerly it was not possible to play certain DVDs - now everything's fine.


Well, that's surprising :) since the plugin at first searches Marfi's or the SkyStar 4.2 sourcefilter in the filter graph. If none of them is found, the procedure simply does nothing.


Thus it does not work with a DVD navigator or any other file source - at least it shouldn't.


Maybe the successful DVD playback is due to changes in the DVBViewer - lately Christian mentioned some kind of enhancement.



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Well, I always had horrible distortions with certain DVDs in combination with the NVIDIA decoder, not only with the DVBViewer, but also with NVDVD. Now it works with the DVBViewer.


Bye, Oliver

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Hm, I've now removed the plugin and it still works. With older releases it didn't. Seemingly Christian managed to remove a bug nobody posted. :)


But the plugin makes it possible to use fast channel switching with all stations.


Bye, Oliver

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I testet it with Nvidia, Intervideo, Elecard, Medimatics. Only Elecard have the old effekt with the to small video picture on 480x576. All other Filters works well with this plugin.

@Oliver: i can confirm the DVD Effekt, but it have nothing to do with this plugin. I had in the past problems with DVD too. Maybe Christian saved an old bug.



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