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Hi, as you might know i made some progress with our 3d Anaglyph Shader. It is quite simple once you understood how to handle Pixelshaders, but unluckily there are not that much useful editors available. Especially if you only want to create Pixelshaders and don't want to create complex 3d Scenes.

This is why i created a Pixelshader Editor for the DVBViewer. You can use this application freely for other projects, but please contribute the shaders with our community.




The applicaton is quite self explaining and comes with syntax editing capabilities, plus a small integrated help in order to list all available HLSL functions.

Right now the Register display does not provide the information about used registers since i did not found a way to gather this information from the Shader.



PS: You also need the d3dx9_33.dll in order to compile the HLSL scripts.


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I've updated the editor and added a few more shaders. New in this version is the ability to create resizing shaders. If the option is enabled for the shader the texture rendering won't use the bilinear hardware scaler.

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If you downloaded the AC3D toolbar editor prior to the date on this post, please get the attached file and place it in your AC3D toolbar editor folder. By default, this folder is in:



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