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Skystar CI Support


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With the approaching release of the new Skystar CI card(details at www.sateuropa.co.uk in the news section) Will a future update of DVBViewer support it? especially the Common Interface function?

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Guest Oliver

Christian already told that the DVBViewer will certainly support any legal CI solution for the Skystar. As soon as this card or add-on arrives an update will be available.



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Guest Oliver

This UK news refer to a SS1, that's seemingly wrong. Christian informed us earlier there will be a solution for the SS2 so I think it will be an add-on. Even if it is a SS2 with integrated CI it will be a software based decoder.


Bye, Oliver

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For those who have replied, you can see a picture of the card at www.sateuropa.co.uk, go to the news link and it's titled "A new Skystar PC Card coming soon". Other information about it's specifications can be found at www.avforums.com in the HDTV forum.


I just wanted to confirm that a later release of DVBViewer would indeed support the Common Interface, as I plan on subscribing to Euro1080 which is being encrypted soon.


I will make another post in the HDTV forum for those interested in Euro1080's future plans.


Thanks again

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I will be ordering this card, as I have been very happy with my Skystar 2, I have never used the Technisat Software that came with the card, I started with DVBViewer lite version.


I know that eventually, DVBViewer will support all aspects of this card, and indeed do await the release that supports decoding encrypted channels, as that will top off, what is a great piece of software that is easy to use.


I was wondering though, if any of the programmers actually have one of these cards yet and have started work to support the Common Interface etc.


I mainly want this for Euro1080/HD1 which has now encrypted.

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Hi Boborg,


I have not ordered one yet(Waiting till I get paid, then I can get everything, Irdeto CAM and Sub Card)


I have been reading up on some people's experiences with the supplied software though, and while it works, there appear to be a few niggles with the version of software supplied.


I am interested to know why you would have the 2 cards in the machine at once, The Skystar CI supports Diseqc etc, so having a multi sat feed with this card should be easier.


I await the release of DVBViewer that will support the features of this card.

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Ok thanks.


2 cards would be for recording from 2 different transponders/satellites at once. Not really a must but a nice bonus and then no need to take out the Skystar 2.


I'll take the wait and see approch also.

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Ah, I see. The thing I'm most intrigued about is the software decoding method, Do you need a fast CPU etc. I only have an Athlon 2500xp (333fsb) and 1 gig ram. Does it mean I'll have to get a faster CPU in order for the computer to do all the work to:- Unencrypt the Signal and view a HiDef stream, not to mention recording.


I'll still be ordering the card, as, much as I would like to get either a Plasma, or TFT screen, I just can't afford one that can handle a HiDef picture.

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