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Esthetical bug in DVBViewer Pro


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In Settings->Options->DirectX->Video B the H.264 Video Decoder is not aligned with the other settings.


You've missed several things. E.g. the Settings->Options->DirectX-> Audio B -> Auto B-Conditions input line is too long. Switching between the Video and Audio Tabs shows that they are not designed evenly, etc...

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The issues 1,2 and 4 are language file related. The author of the language file didn't consider the available space.


Issue 3 is caused by the fact that PiP never plays MP3, so the MP3 decoder selection is missing. However, it looks like the PiP settings also need some adjustment.

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mmm ok :)

The Spanish-Latino has more letters almost always.
So sometimes not everything goes.
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Add more bug :blushing::P


Menu>Playback>CD/DVD Playback.





Here lack the "Back" icon


OSD>System>Rec. Service









Here lack the "Favourites" icon





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